About Us

AIROTravel is a full-service online travel agency that provides both leisure and corporate as ‘one-stop’ travel management services. The company was founded in 2021, which are experienced experts in the travel and tourism management field, to submit the best quality service to our customers.

The Business:
The core business of AIROTravel is providing various Entertainment, Travel & Tourism luxurious services through a network of partners and an online platform that serves consumers via the business-to-consumer channel.

We provides multiple products and services, including Hotels, Cruises, Train trips
It also provides targeted packages designed to fit all Markets and the travel culture, and its preference.

  • Technology:  Our smart travel technology cloud system will make the website easy to use and accessible.
  • Diversity of Services: The variety of services and products that we offer is one of our strengths.
  • Quality VS Price: Lowest rates in the market with high quality as we maintain an edge over our competitors by ensuring our clients’ best prices and services. Value is what we aim at; Quality is work aim.

We act as travel consultants to plan with our corporate clients money-saving well-organized travel program that will reduce costs and increase efficiency; 

  • Tailor travel itineraries, accessing corporate and conferencing facilities, to take advantage of group and corporate rates.
  • Discuss the Travel Budget.
  • Set the Employees’ Travel Class.
  • Make Hotel Reservations.
  • Transportations